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Survey Feedback

General Assembly 20th November 2009

Questionnaire Survey: Results and Follow-up Actions

Following the GA decision in March 2009, the Questionnaire Survey was carried out in June 2009, results analysed in July 2009 and considered by the General Committee and results fed back to co-owners in October.

The response rate was high: some 63% of co-owners replied and the quality of data provided was good. This gives a sound basis for formulation and implementation of developments to meet co-owners’ needs.

Subjects addressed by GA with resulting co-owners’ satisfaction

Over recent years, issues of security, gardens, administrator and Wifi have been discussed by the GA. There is now strong satisfaction with these issues though the Wifi needs to be optimised in some locations.

Subjects addressed by GA where priority action is required

Co-owners feel that:

· Pool furniture should be replaced (23:9 in favour) with a mix of furniture
and no worse quality than existing.
· Better use should be made of the area on the ground floor in the
Reception (25:4 in favour). An upgraded gym (14) and a games area
(13) were requested.
· The TV system should be upgraded (25:8 in favour)
· Possibility of getting a health professional in the health club should be
investigated (14:15 against)
· A bigger and better play area for children should be investigated (noted
in comments)

Subjects addressed by GA where no action is required

· A majority (16:12) of co-owners feel that the pool should not be heated.
· Exactly half are interested in socialising more, indicating that about the
right level has been established.

From the above, therefore, the following are required:

· Urgent replacement of the pool furniture
· Improvement of the downstairs area for better gym and games area
· Upgrade the TV system
· Consider getting a professional health club manager
· Consider a bigger / better children’s play area.

The Administrator has considered and costed each of the above which will be discussed under respective agenda items at the GA and financial implications discussed within the budget.

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