quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

Feedback to the General Committee on the General Assembly Meeting of 27 March 2009

The General Assembly (GA) endorsed all the actions and recommendations of the General Committee (GC) Report, in particular:

The 2008 Accounts were approved.

The insurance for the Condominium for 2009 was agreed as appropriate.

The GC working with the Administrator to reduce outstanding debts was endorsed. Action to recover outstanding debts has been taken by the VdP lawyer.

A small financial allowance for unforeseen maintenance eg drains and other infrastructure, was supported for inclusion in the annual budget.

The need for the Gardens’ Committee to prioritise the zones for development was supported. Detailed direction of Jardim Vista will be essential and the irrigation system should be improved.

The analysis of the TV provision options needs to be finalized with clear recommendations to the November GA Meeting. (There was a leaning towards the Lazer option). Implications on the WIFI should be included.

It was agreed that the TV and WIFI services etc should continue to be maintained to a high standard pending any further decisions.

The questionnaire on co-owners’ views was deemed important and results with implications should be submitted to the November GA meeting.

A regulation on use of the pool was circulated for discussion and agreement at the November GA meeting.

The possibility of convening one annual GA meeting (in March) was strongly supported in principle and a firm proposal was requested for the November 2009 GA meeting.

The next meeting of the GA will be Friday 20 November 2009 at 16.00 hrs at the Clubhouse

I would like to thank all members of the Committee, the Audit and the Gardens Committees for their excellent support and clear report which resulted in an efficient, focused and productive meeting.

George Paulson
27 March 2009

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