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General Assembly Invitation

Invitation to the Co-Owners’ General Assembly
Vale dos Pinheiros Condominium

As per article n.º 10, point 5 of the Vale dos Pinheiros Condominium Regulations, we hereby invite the co-owners to the Annual General Assembly to be held on the 27th of March, 2009, at 4 pm. in the Vale dos Pinheiros Restaurant in Quinta do Lago.
If by the designated time of the meeting, the co-owners present do not represent 50% of the total votes, the meeting will be postponed to 4.15 pm., and a second count will be done, and the deliberations will be approved as per majority vote of those present.

The agenda of the General Assembly is as follows:
1) Election of the members of the table of the Assembly;
2) Presentation, discussion and deliberation of the 2008 year-end accounts;
3) Presentation, discussion and deliberation of the Vale dos Pinheiros Garden;
4) Minute nº7 ratification;
5) Discussion of any other matters of interest to the Condominium.

If any of the co-owners cannot be present at the General Assembly, another person may be nominated to represent him/her at the General Assembly, For this purpose a proxy must be sent to the Administrator or President of the General Assembly, indicating the name of the delegated person and his/her respective powers (see attached proxy which can be used and must be accompanied by an identification document of the co-owner).

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
Quinta do Lago, 23/02/2009

Condominium Administration
(Óscar Cerqueira)

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